Whether you are in your first job after leaving school or only a few years from retirement, it pays to understand how superannuation works.

By the time you are ready to retire, your superannuation could have grown to be one of the largest assets you will have in your life.

This is your investment in your future. It’s important to understand why you need it, what you’re entitled to, how you can contribute and how you can best manage the money for your retirement.

Blueprint Wealth Management can help you capitalise on the benefits of long-term wealth creation using superannuation for retirement and estate planning.

Our specialist superannuation services include:

  • Advice with regard to investment selection for your existing superannuation funds
  • Consolidation of funds to reduce fees
  • Arranging insurance through superannuation
  • Advice on transferring overseas pensions to Australian and vice versa

If you would like more information on our superannuation services or would like to discuss how we can help you achieve your financial goals please call (03) 9092 0664 or complete our enquiry form.